Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let's try this again: How much can Kessel expect to make?

Earlier this week we speculated about what numbers might be involved in the Phil Kessel negotiations. At the time it seemed that Peter Chiarelli's only remaining task was to either sign Kessel, or deal him for a defenseman.

It seems Chiarelli had other things on his mind, thus the flurry of activity on Thursday and Friday. Things have actually become much clearer for Kessel, as the Bruins are now dealing with a definite salary cap number.

Assuming Chiarelli doesn't have any more surprises up his sleeve, here's where it stands for Kessel:

Bruins cap space - $1.3 million
Chuck Kobasew's cap hit - $2.3 million
Possible salary for Kessel - $3.6 million

There it is, Phil... take it or leave it. Contracts larger than Kobasew's are unmoveable, so trading Chuckie is Chiarelli's last and best hope for clearing some cap space to sign Kessel.

Last Wednesday's post pegged Kessel's market value at roughly $3.4 million, based on similar contracts and his lack of leverage in the negotiations. This should really be a very simple decision for him. End this stalemate early, spend the rest of the summer shopping for Porsches and look forward to another year of burying Marc Savard passes.

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frankie said...

I would rather have Chuck for 2.3 then Phil for 3.6.

The Bastahd said...

Gotta agree with frankie here... Much prefer Kobasew's style of play and the cheaper hit makes it all the more palatable.

Tom said...

I like Kobasew, but he's not really a top-6 forward anymore. Given the choice I'd have to take Kessel, because he brings an offensive dimension the Bruins would otherwise lack. We can replace Kobie if need be, though I'll miss his balls-to-the-wall attitude.