Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bruins popularity, ticket sales soaring

New England Hockey Journal has a great article on the rising popularity of the Bruins. Definitely worth a read for anyone who has stuck with this team through the past decade and a half.

Buried in the article are a few noteworthy numbers:

  • Season ticket sales have roughly doubled since two years ago.
  • The Bruins' NESN ratings increased 69 percent, matching a 12-year-old record overall.
  • Game 7 against Carolina was the most-watched Bruins game in NESN history, with a 14.2 share. And it shared the airwaves with a Celtics playoff game.

As we fret over the summertime minutiae of salary cap issues and prospect development, it's a good time to pat ourselves on the back as fans. Times like this are sweet and fleeting -- we've suffered through the dark days and come out the other side. Keep that Axelsson jersey stashed in the back of the closet as proof that you were there.

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1 comment:

Dan said...

Haha, I like that quip about the P.J. jersey.

However, I've always been against buying jerseys with player numbers simply for that point, that they can leave.

However, my jersey is with the older version of the logo, so that means I've paid my due.