Thursday, March 5, 2009

Trade Reactions From Around The NHL(osphere)

Why write a blog when you can have other people write one for you? Here are reactions to yesterday's trade deadline, from people who know their teams better than I do:

Dennis Kane on the Habs' quiet day: "I think any team that is outshot 45 to 25 every single game needed to make a trade today. But hey, what do I know? Oh yeah, I know they get outshot 45 to 25 every single game."

Heroes in Rehab on Brian Burke's kinship to Rocky: "This is just step one of the process. Rocky wanted to make it to the end of the fight; Brian Burke’s goal today was simply to re-stock the draft pick cupboard as capably as he could."

Die By The Blade on trading for Dominic Moore and sending Ales Kotalik packing: "One thing I know about Dominic Moore is that he gives 100% all the time. That is something we didn't get from Ales Kotalik despite all of his talent."


Five For Smiting, feeling a little grumpy after the Vermette/Leclaire deal: "We still have the worst defence in the history of everything. The goaltending still blows moose balls, at least until Pascal straps them on for real next October. Other than a mid-second rounder, we have no extra draft picks. And you managed to add around seven mil a year to our cap number, which pretty much kills any hope we had of re-signing Mike Comrie. "

The Pensblog on picking up Guerin: "No matter what he does, there will always be some fanboy that needs more. And that sucks. If you're upset with Shero's moves at the deadline, get real."

Lighthouse Hockey on getting a conditional pick for Guerin: "Obviously Garth Snow would have preferred that 2nd-rounder in 2010 that Boston sent Tampa Bay for a similarly aged Mark Recchi. But once the Bruins made their move for a winger, the Penguins likely held all the leverage."

Rangers Report on Sather's moves:"In simple terms, they got better for this year, didn’t give up much of the future, and as long as they don’t re-sign either Nik Antropov or Derek Morris, they will have a little more salary cap space this summer for signing Dubinsky, Callahan, Mara and whomever else they really want to keep."

On Frozen Blog, on holding one's cards: "A pill that seemingly swallows bitter this morning will prove to be good medicine when jerseys bearing names like Carlson, Varlamov, and Alzner are moving about Verizon Center ice together in the not-too-distant future."

Boltsmag on Tampa's asset management: "I compare it to the old joke about a little boy who goes to school with a five dollar bill. He brags to his friend he has one five dollar bill and is offered three one dollar bills in trade. “Three is more than one!” the friend tells the first boy."

Blueland Chronicle, feeling a little underwhelmed: "All in all a pretty unimpressive trade deadline. Not all of which is Waddell's fault, of course, because of the economy and over-cautious market and stuff. But still..."

Hockee Night on Sammy Pahlsson: "Hawks are developing a puck-control offense, albeit still not at the level of Detroit, and winning faceoffs are a big part of that. Pahlsson immediately becomes the guy the Hawks want taking faceoffs in the defensive zone late, when they have a lead, and the other team pulled their goalie. He will win that shit, you can bank on it."

Matchsticks and Gasoline on giving up the farm for Jokinen: "Overall, I'm ambivalent bordering on dissatisfied. But we'll see how this plays out on the ice..."

Fear the Fin on Moen and Huskins: "It all comes down to heart and experience during the playoffs, and while these two guys aren't gamebreakers, they do provide depth. "

Earl Sleek on sending Montador to the Bruins: "The Bruins got themselves a really useful player, and in fact I think they're more playoff-ready now than if they used Phil Kessel to land Chris Pronger."

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Anonymous said...

Someone tell the Isles guy that Boston got the 2010 second rounder. Recchi's experiance will come in handy, but the fact that PC managed to improve his roster without disrupting it AND come away with more picks then he came in with is what I believe puts him in the upper echelon on league managers. I am very excited to see how this turns out.