Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bruins trade for Montador

Rumors that the Bruins might acquire Jordan Leopold just came to an end -- he was shipped to the Flames. Also, the Ducks took Chris Pronger off the market, squashing those rumors as well.

BREAKING NEWS: As I was typing this, the Bruins traded Petteri Nokaleinen to Anaheim for defenseman Steve Montador. Not much of a move, Montador will be a depth player who can chip in occasionally. Presumably this was a matter of getting something for nothing in the short term, as Noke was unlikely to return to the roster this season and the Bruins will need depth for the playoffs.

In other Northeast Division news:
- The Jackets shipped Pascal Leclaire to Ottawa for Antoine Vermette. This was probably the best shot the Sens had at acquiring a long-term starting goaltender without having to go to the draft. But they'd better hope he recovers from an injury and awful start this season.
- For some reason the Sabres decided they'd rather give Tim Connolly $9 million than trade him.
- The Leafs picked up Martin Gerber after he was waived by the Sens. Their goaltending situation remains a 6/half-dozen situation. The Leafs also signed some guy named Erik Reitz.

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Nuuuuugs said...

Keep in mind 'Sheriff' Shane Hnidy used to pair up with Montador in Anaheim, and they both can be sneaky offensively when they see the opportunity. They play well together, bottom line, a nice third pair.

What do you think about Recchi in that locker room?

Tom said...

Good call, I didn't realize they were linemates before. I wonder if Hnidy will be a scratch or not.

I think Recchi's a good addition for a couple of reasons:
1) He's by far the most experienced player on the roster now, so in that intermission-before-the-game-7-overtime situation he'll be invaluable in the locker room. With all due respect to Chara, he shouldn't be the guy everyone looks to for a voice of experience.
2) Looking beyond this season, I think it'll be good for guys like Kessel and Wheeler and maybe Bergeron to spend a little time around him.