Monday, March 30, 2009

Some Crazy S--- Happened This Weekend

Where to start, where to start?

Before I forget -- looks like that 5-day break was what the Bruins needed to get things turned around. They've got the swagger back, and the goals are starting to come again. By simply taking care of business in (trap) games against Ottawa and Tampa, they can lock up that #1 seed and finally breathe easy.

Now, let's get to the mayhem which transpired across the league this weekend:

- First, and closest to home, Jack Edwards had a moment of Joker-like hysteria which led to one of the most bizarre moments in his colorful announcing career. Don't ever change, Jack!

- Meanwhile, Alex Burrows jumped into the race for Lamest Fighting Technique. Hair-pulling, Alex? Really?

- Ok, here's one to cramp your brain: EVERY SINGLE TEAM in the Central/Norris Division is currently inside the playoff bracket.

- An even more surreal headline: Celine Dion wants to buy the Montreal Canadiens. I think my brain might implode from simply imagining what this would mean for hockey. Celine. Fucking. Dion. If it were any other team than the Habs, I'd feel really bad for them at this point in the season.

- Finally, for the rulebook nerds -- yes, apparently there is such thing as a five-minute major for interference.

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1) Would be hillarious if Celine and her fossilized husband bought the habs.
2) The B's probably had a bit of late season(waiting for the real season to begin) blahs. Now that April is almost here its back to business! Top to bottom no East team can(should) be able to match up with the depth the B's have!
3) Thanks for the link to the Norris/Central story! Had to read the standing a few times to believe it. LOL

The Bastahd said...

Can't believe that call on Orr... the announcers had it exactly right. Minor for interference is acceptable and merited but by no means was that a major or misconduct. Just pathetic officiating and I am glad to see Pitt didn't score on the ensuing power play.