Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something To Brighten Your Day

So, last night was not the game we hoped it would be. Columbus is perhaps the ballsiest team we've played all season, and frankly the Bruins didn't match their character. Despite the game being (more or less) decided by poor officiating in the third, this wasn't one of those "we got jobbed" games. The Jackets were determined to win and the Bruins didn't execute against their defense. We need someone to step up and take a crosscheck in the back of the neck in order to get to a rebound.

But don't get discouraged. 14 games is a LONG time. 14 games ago we were getting ready to play the Sharks.

Here's a little balm for our wounds, courtesy of Wade Belak in last night's Caps/Preds tilt:

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