Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekend Links

Better late than never!

The Goose's Roost has one of the best game reviews I've ever read, chronicling the Sabres' epic upset of San Jose last night in Buffalo. If you don't have time for anything else on the list, this one's worth a click.

TSN runs down the top 10 lines in the NHL. The Bruins get solid representation with 2 entires, including the "best second line in the league".

Also featuring 2 Bruins entires is Quick Hit's list of the "13 scariest masks in sports history" (just in time for Valen... I mean, Friday the 13th). Cheevers is automatic, but Moog's a nice touch.

Adam Proteau of the Hockey News reminisces about his final drunken experience in Maple Leaf Gardens. Fun fact: I attended the 10th-to-last game ever played there. The Buds dismantled the Pens 7-2. I sat in a creaky, tiny grey seat in the rafters.

Bruins fans take note -- Objective NHL says you're at a slight advantage if you lost your last game. If you're a stat junkie, or a hockey theorist, Objective NHL is the blog for you.

Speaking of stat junkies, the inimitable Brodeur is a Fraud gives us a detailed comparison of the Atlantic and Northeast Divisions' offensive production during the 1990s. In case you were wondering.

Tom Benjamin from Canucks Corner tells us why the Flyers are totally screwed if the salary cap shrinks next season.

Bangin Panger reminds us that the Pens aren't finished yet... Gonchar's back.

Somebody in the Isles' PR department totally thinks this was worth half their annual budget.

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