Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thrashers Blogosphere -- Most Underrated In The League?

Ok, someone is going to have to explain this to me. The Atlanta Thrashers, probably the most crapped-on franchise in all of pro sports, have developed a startlingly large following of bloggers lately.

Factors that make a large Thrashers blogosphere unlikely:
- They play in Atlanta, a notorious black hole of sports fandom.
- I have seen high school basketball games fill more seats than the Thrashers.
- In franchise history, they have never won a game that could be described as "significant".
- Only one player on the roster is worth a trade in NHL '09.
- They wear these and these and these. In public.

In spite of all this, and the fact that the team has accomplished squat for the past two years and is headed nowhere as long as Don Waddell has anything to do with it, the Thrashers blogosphere is growing faster than Carey Price's GAA. What gives? Could this team be filling the niche left empty by the Whalers and Nords?

The Blueland Chronicle - Several posts daily, nice balance of seriousness and snark.

Bird Watchers Anonymous - Lots of insight on the Thrashers' off-ice issues.

Blueland Outsider - Straight up fandom. And LOL pics for fun.

Firewagon Hockey - "Fuck you, Thrashers. This isn't a team. It's a goalie and five monkeys trying fuck a football. Hey you know what? There's a league of deaf kids here that need a goalie." Yeah. Bonus points for Bruins fandom.

The Thrashers 411 - Everything you could possibly want to know in a game preview.

Blueland Roar - Epic road trip reviews and other die-hard goodness.

The Iceman Bloggeth - Ok, this one is a bit of a cheat because it's an Atlanta Constitution-Journal columnist's paid blog [retraction: this is a legit fan blog hosted by the ACJ site. My mistake!]. But I'll give him credit for a clever title [no retraction.]

Thrashers Recaps - Irregular, random thoughts on all sorts of stuff.

We Want Dunham! - I think this one might be dead, but I hope not... if only for the sake of keeping the awesome title alive.

Blueland Blog - Very regular, keeping the pulse of the team.

Chi-Town Thrash - Brand new, but pretty thorough so far.

Getting Pucks Deep - Lots of nice gameday photography.

Slightly Off-Topic - Only a week old, but like Chi-Town Thrash it's pretty good so far.

TheRussianOne13 - Tasty visuals.

Thrashers Prospect Annex - Former Hockey Futures writer still contributes occasionally to this prospect blog.

24/7 Hockey - Well maybe not considering it's only updated occasionally.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Mike and I run Just curious if you would like to swap links.

Let me know in a quick comment on my site or email me: nhlsnipers at gmail.


The Falconer said...

Hopefully we will have more to blog about than draft pics in coming seasons.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! I agree with the Falconer (one of our faithful bloggers). Hopefully some day, I can be proud of the team for its actual accomplishments instead of simply believing for better days. There's lots to talk about in the world of Thrash, and yes, even some fans resent that we wear those things in public! Haha.

Very good post, and the recognition for us bloggers is incredibly appreciated!

--Brian, Chi-town Thrash author

Big Shooter said...

Thanks for the mention. Everyone at The Blueland Chronicle enjoys the snark more than we do the seriousness.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words and the mention. I know most of the people you mentioned and they are top notch for sure!

They're truly wonderful, passionate, dedicated fans of the Thrashers and very knowledgable hockey people indeed.

Keep up the great work here...

Bill Tiller (Rawhide) of the AJC's Iceman Bloggeth

Anonymous said...

Oh, and for the record...I'm not a columnist...just a fan asked to do it. And I wish I could take credit for the name...but I can't!

Bill Tiller (Rawhide)

Mortimer Peacock said...

Hey man,

Thanks very much for the mention and the kind words!

We owe you. How does a petition for a shrine to Bobby Orr in every North American city sound?

Anonymous said...

For all your Thrasher blogosphere, check out

Lisa Lewis said...

Thanks for the shout out and kind words!

Our team is not having a great season but we all hold out hope that our 10th season will be one the fans here in Atlanta are proud of.

We're keeping hockey here! LOL

Lisa & Rose The Thrashers 411

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the mention. Pictures are worth a thousand words. So true.

Tom said...

Bill/Rawhide, fixed the "paid columnist" content -- no offense intended by the association with MSM writers.

Mortimer, I'd be willing to settle for a single museum dedicated to Don Cherry's wardrobe.

Keep up the great work, guys. I'm totally serious with the Whalers comparison, now is the time to carve out a niche for hardcore Thrashers fans as the "WTF is up with that?" story of the next decade.