Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekend Links

This might be the hardest week of the season for the Bruins -- a 1pm matinee tomorrow against Philly, hosting their conference-leading counterpart San Jose on Tuesday, then off to New Jersey for the beginning of a 5-game road swing. I've stopped trying to predict how this team will respond... I'm just gonna kick up my feet and watch some great hockey.

Your weekend poutpourri:

Today's saddest story: Manny Legace was waived by the Blues. This guy is like a Western Conference answer to Tim Thomas. The league needs more old-school goalies.

Behind The Net has the top 25 fights of the year, as voted by users. Thornton/Cote is #2!

Pensblog is always a great source of chatter, but a thread about Malkin and bribery is just a goldmine. Definitely follow the Puck Daddy link.

Leafs fans love ragging on village idiot Damien Cox, but this is taking it to an entirely new level of throughness. Gotta hand it to Cox, he's professional enough not to respond with an anonymous, obscenity-laden rant.

If you think Cox-bashing is getting vicious, check out Melrose Rocks' demolition of Eklund.

If you like hockey, chances are you also like drinking. Here's both.

Hockey officiating is the best in pro sports? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Blueland Chronicle has discovered one of the Predators' awesome television ads, and rightfully identifies an example of how to market the NHL in a non-traditional market.

On Frozen Blog is one of the best-written blogs out there.

ESPN asked: who's the biggest whiner in the league? Guess who won?

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