Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bruins vs. Sharks: Preview Central

So much has already been written about this game, there's little left to say. See yesterday's post for some number-crunching and general hype. It's going to be an amazing night, plain and simple, even if the on-ice product falls short of expectations.

Here's a rundown of what others have written across the interwebs:


Stanley Cup of Chowder - "Maybe Milan Lucic or Shawn Thornton will recreate the famous scene where Claude Lemieux turtled and Cam Neely threw him like a ragdoll into the corner."

Hub Hockey - "The "Open Rink" chat session is now open for the game."

Hockey Journal - Chiarelli: "I’ve just looked at the Washingtons, the New Jerseys, the Philadelphias, and the San Joses, and how we match up against them. That’s going to be like playoff hockey against those types of teams. "

Mike McMahon - Interview with Tim Thomas. "And did I know it was coming up? Yes; basically only because the media keeps telling me."

Rink Rap - "The noise you hear tonight will be like a sound version of that No. 77, half-Bruin/half-Avalanche sweater."

Kynch's Korner - "Hard working Bruins take on the surfer dudes from Cali."

Caveman Strong - On Thornton: "He's like Marc Savard, if Marc Savard ditched the faux-hawk, got taller, stronger, and stamped a 'chokes in the play-offs' sign on his back."

The Hockey Blog Adventure - "Basically every category that there is in hockey, these two do well in."

Battle of California - "See if you can find the number of wrestling references in this post."

Fear the Fin - "Tonight is where the big dogs show who has the bigger bite."

Sharks Hockey Analysis - "Like the great David Bowie, the Sharks fortunes vs. Boston could go both ways"

Barry Melrose Rocks - This week's Versus drinking game. Drink... "If Claude Lemiex gets in a fight."

Mainstream Media

Versus' Adrian Dater - "if you're not watching it, don't call yourself a hockey fan ever again. Just don't."

NESN - "If the Bruins want any chance of walking off the ice with those two points they will need to tighten up their game when and if they get a lead."

ESPN - "The best of the West taking on the best of the East. A potential Stanley Cup finals preview?"

ESPN's Pierre LeBrun - "The man who traded away Joe Thornton can hold his head high."

The Sporting News' Craig Custance - "The evolution of Boston center Marc Savard into a more complete player has helped fans in Boston forget Thornton was ever there."

The Boston Globe - "All Joe Thornton wanted for Christmas was a surfboard."

Boston.com - Thornton: "There aren't too many ex-teammates over there, and it's just really an important game in the schedule"

San Jose Mercury News' David Pollak - "Though their teams are in different conferences, Sharks and Boston Bruins players confess they check each other out."

Game on!

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Unknown said...

I put one up too, but I post my previews at 4pm.

Tom said...

Got it -- thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

NESN sure had it right. Big let down in the end.