Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lessons From Last Night's Game

You won't get far against good teams without a power play.

Ryder and Sturm might not be superstars, but losing them has really hurt the Bruins at both ends of the ice... and particularly on the power play (see #1).

You can't plan for, or defend against, fluke goals. Don't put too much stock in a game decided by them.

You can't plan for, or defend against, fluke injuries. Don't plan your season around having everyone healthy.

If the Bruins are going to play only half a game, it's better they play the second half.

When two good hockey teams go head-to-head, it's a beautiful thing to watch... no matter who wins.

As a fan, don't put too much emotion into a February matchup, no matter who's playing. If you win, the buzz only lasts for a day or two. If you lose, it's not fun anymore. Either way, there's another game right around the corner.

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The Bastahd said...

Tough way to lose considering the fluke goals from SJ. I mean, that first one caromed off TWO Bruins and then into the net... just wasn't our night.

I am still trying to comprehend the whole Noke situation. There was clearly a high stick there (it was NOT the puck!) and the ref called it as such, making the motion. He then talked to the SJ bench and suddenly there is no longer a penalty! How does that happen? Either call it or don't... I can deal with that but do NOT EVER change the call after discussing the play with one team's bench. Brings every other call into question and hurts the integrity of the game...

Tom said...

I don't know what to think about that call. It would have been different if there had simply been no call, but there WAS a call at one point! The ref made a high-sticking motion toward the scorekeeper and waved at the Sharks bench for a player to come off. Noke was bleeding profusely so it would've been a 4-minute penalty to start the second period -- and the game could've been over then and there.

No clue how all of that translates into no penalty, but at a very minimum the refs really botched the process. I'd love to know what the official explanation was... but this isn't the NFL so I'm not holding my breath.

The Bastahd said...

That is my exact issue with it... not whether a penalty was merited or not but the fact that one was actually called!

I have seen differing reasons given for what happened... one was that the refs thought it was the puck that got him. If so, why the high-stick call? The other was that no-one saw it... again, why the call? Just makes no sense whatsoever.