Thursday, April 9, 2009

To Tank or Not To Tank?

Timmy the Tank

Interesting matchup tonight against Montreal. Claude Julien is in the enviable position of choosing whether he really wants to push his team to 100% capacity to get this win. Perhaps it would be better to tank this game*, let all the key guys rest, and look at the bigger picture. There are two prevailing lines of thought:

- By scratching key players, the Bruins will be fresher and healthier for the playoffs.
- Starting Fernandez would give him a little bit of extra confidence (just in case) and will give Thomas a valuable day off.
- It's better that the Habs not face Thomas right before a playoff series against him. It'll allow them the opportunity for cheap shots, and give them a "warmup" game to read his tendencies.
- If Montreal wins, the Bruins will likely face NYR or Florida in the first round... thus avoiding the cursed Bs/Habs matchup.

- Because they're getting paid to win, dammit!
- By beating Montreal, we would greatly increase the chances of playing them first. That's a juicy, confidence-building matchup.
- Following on that thought, this game could potentially demoralize and frustrate our first-round opponent.
- Beating your top rival at home in a gritty game is more valuable than knowing that your 4th line got a chance to work on its forecheck.
- It's Bruins/Habs. It would be wrong to tank.

* Assuming the Habs are able to beat the Bruins' JV squad. Perhaps you've noticed that their centennial season has been slightly disappointing.

What do you think? Do the Bruins mail this one in?

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Dennis said...

I didn't realize the Bruins were so fantastic that they can pretty well write their ticket about tonight's game. Silly me.

Tom said...

It's good to be king.

The Bastahd said...

That it is...

I say win this one, tank the next two. I want Montreal in the first round and would rather avoid the Rangers.

Tom said...

Same here, the Rags seem like they could be a dangerous matchup if they can get some offense going.