Thursday, April 16, 2009

Laraque = Fail.

A little bit of pre-series trash talk is one thing, but BGL's comments to the media come off as forced... a transparent tactic to give the Habs a boost of some sort. It's hard to imagine that anyone in the Bruins locker room would actually get riled up, given that they are obviously being baited.

Frankly, things are starting to seem really weird with the Habs. Gainey should be given some credit for the Bowman-esque attempt to shift pressure toward the other bench, but this move seems both counterproductive and out of character. Laraque offers literally nothing when he is on the ice, meaning they are wasting a roster spot in the hopes that he will prove his worth in a fight... in the playoffs.

The counterattack seems pretty simple: ignore Laraque or simply wait until he's on the ice and take advantage of his lack of game. There is no Bruin on the roster, other than perhaps Byron Bitz, who would be considered an even swap for 5 minutes.
By the way... epic fail to Laraque for not even being Avery-funny.

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The Bastahd said...

Thats the sad thing about this whole affair... fighting Laraque is a bad tradeoff for ANYONE on the Bruins. Even Bitz or Thornton would be a slight win for Montreal in terms of talent loss.

Tom said...

Bitz actually scores every now and then...


1) Great caption on the picture because it appeared that Georges was begging for someone to 'dance' with him.
2) Smart move to ignore him as the Habs win no matter who would have fought him, despite whoever might have won the actual fight