Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bruins vs. Blackhawks: Takeaways

Observations from last night's 2-1 SO victory in Chicago:

- It's ridiculous that these teams don't play more often. I understand and support the desire to play more divisional games, but the season is long -- O6 teams need to play at least one game a season in each 06 city. Bruins/Hawks could be the NHL's answer to Celtics/Lakers in five years... if they actually see each other.

- Both goalies played unbelievable games. Khabibulin deserved a win based on his play, especially the highway robbery of Marc Savard in OT. Tim Thomas continues to make a mockery of the All-Star ballot by somehow improving his mind-numbingly good stats. His save % is now approaching .950, for chrissake! Blackhawks fans: I will happily write-in Patrick Sharp for the WC if you will do me a favor and write-in Tim Thomas on the EC section of your vote. This man MUST play in the All-Star game.

- I almost wish I had skipped the first two periods, which were just brutal to watch. Maybe it was good road strategy by the Bruins (bore the crowd after an emotional pep rally/number retirement ceremony), but it made terrible TV. As predicted, the Bruins were dominated in the first period to the tune of an 18-6 shot count, but held out long enough to get back in it.

- Chicago's got a great young core of players and will be very, very good in a couple of years. I hope they don't screw it up by making silly trades to try and win immediately, because a Blackhawks powerhouse would be very good for the NHL. With the right goalie, and maybe 2-3 more years to develop some of the fresh-faced kids into experienced role players, the Hawks will be better than the Roenick/Chelios/Belfour teams of the early 90s.

- Normally Center Ice shows the NESN broadcast, but last night they chose the Comcast feed with Eddie O. calling the game. They had Brent Seabrook wired, and it struck me that he seemed like a bit of a twat, constantly telling forwards their defensive mistakes. Seabrook is 23 years old. But on further review, at age 23 Seabrook already has more NHL experience than 10 of the Blackhawks' 13 active forwards. Defenseman Brent Sopel is the only skater on the roster who has twice as much experience as Seabrook. And Seabrook's 23.

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Unknown said...

Congrats on the Bruins' (Preds?) newest fan!

Tom said...

He BETTER be a Bruins fan! Besides, the Preds might not be around by the time he's old enough to skate...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the newest hockey fan in the world.

Thanks for the link to our site.