Wednesday, November 26, 2008 Hearts the Bruins

Go figure. After years of ignoring the NHL to focus on 24-hour coverage of the Patriots and Red Sox, is actually starting to produce some decent hockey coverage.

All it took was for a Boston team to start winning. We should have figured this out years ago. Expect wall-to-wall Bruins coverage as long as they can stay on top of their division.

Scott Burnside's article on the renaissance of Bruins hockey
Part I and Part II of Burnside's "The Long Road Back" series on Bergeron and Fernandez
John Buccigross' annual Thanksgiving article, which always features Cam Neely in a prominent place. Bucci is one of the good ones.
Burnside give the Bruins an "A" for the first quarter.
Pierre LeBrun reports that readers want to give Timmy the Vezina instead of an All-Star appearance.
Terri Frei has no love, placing Claude Julien alongside Joel Quenneville and Andy Murray in the NHL coaching ranks.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get too excited; there is still a lot of season to be played.

The Bastahd said...

Hey, can you really blame them for focusing on winners? (Sorry, had to get that shot in there knowing your distaste for Sox and Pats...)

Was at the Islanders game yesterday... strange one that showed a rather disturbing trend. Too many times we have terrible first periods only to snap out of it and play two good periods. Can manage this against the Islanders and Sabres but not against the good teams like Detroit. Hopefully they figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Here come the fucktards, just wait until the bruins team plane crashes. And the world laughs.