Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend Links

If you aren't TOO pumped up about this weekend, here's some extra reading material:

Battle of Alberta - Baseball standings! In hockey, unlike baseball, a 6-game lead is solid... really solid. - How solid, you ask? Try 80% solid.

Melrose Rocks - Kevin is downright giddy at the revelation of "Flyers Sign Guy"'s true identity.

Russo's Rants - The Players' Union passed on its opportunity to reopen CBA negotiations, guaranteeing labor stability until 2011.

The Good Point - A passionate anti-fighting argument. It fails to note that a ban on fighting would take away these precious moments.

Brodeur Is A Fraud - Dismantling Marty's legacy, one post at a time. Gotta love this blog's persistence.

Bird Watchers Anonymous - Thoughts on attendance-rigging in Nashville, and what it might mean for the Thrashers.

The Red Skate - Ovechkin gets pwned by some guy in a hotel restaurant.

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