Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekend Links

Starting today, I'm going to throw a few juicy links your way each Friday afternoon. Enjoy!

The Hockey News: “But there is a way to say the right things while still looking like you give a damn." -- Jeremy Roenick offers some pointers for dealing with the press.

Hockey's Ladies of Greatness: Breaks down the many ways in which the Carolina Hurricanes suck right now. Blunt, but well-informed and worth the read.

Battle of Alberta: Baseball standings -- one of the best ways to compensate for the NHL's absurd points system. Hey, we're 5 1/2 games up on the Habs!

Brodeur is a Fraud: If you liked this week's Quality Shots analysis, you'll love BiaF's careful study of shots and save percentage.

From the Rink: I hesitate to link to this little fiasco, but it's too bizarre to pass up. More info on the Eklund-esque case of identity fraud at Lighthouse Hockey.

Red and Black Hockey: Thoughts on the Sabres/Canes rivalry that you didn't know existed.

The Good Point: Some really... different... midseason awards.

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