Friday, December 19, 2008

You Really Just Have To See This Stuff

My random thoughts for the day:

1) There should be a rule against goaltenders letting go of their sticks during the shootout. This is one of many incidents that could be avoided with more straightforward rules.

2) Sundin's choice of Vancouver's mega-money offer should surprise no one.

3) Moment of self-reflection: After years of wishing for more contests with scores like 8-5 and 7-3, I have nothing but worries after seeing the Bruins actually play that kind of game.

Ok, on to the lazy-Friday linkage. For some reason, this week has been full of stuff that you just have to see to make your hockey life complete:

- Check out this indescribably bizarre "If X mated with X" experiment. Chris Soppel looks like someone you'd run into at a deserted rest stop in Alabama.

- Brodeur Is A Fraud produced this insightful and detailed analysis of Tim Thomas' season to date, with the thesis that he will come back to earth very soon. The next day he allowed 5 goals in 2 periods....

- Blueland Outsider links to one of the best hockey commercials I've seen all year. Too bad I had to get it from an amateur blog instead of a major TV network. Way to go, NHL Marketing Department.

- If you're going to tomorrow night's game, bring Stanley Cup of Chowder's "Whale Watch '08" scoring sheet. There has got to be a way to convert this to a drinking game.

I'll try to get a preview put together for tomorrow night's tilt against the Canes... but just in case I don't, here's a brief summary:

Bruins > Hurricanes

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