Monday, May 11, 2009

Random justice becoming the norm in the NHL

It's hard to know what to make of the NHL's latest foray into the realm of absurd justice.

Scott Walker's sucker punch of Aaron Ward at the end of Game 5 seemed to have all the necessary labels for suspension:

- Walker was the third man into a relatively benign altercation
- Walker rightly drew an instigator penalty, which carried an "automatic" suspension
- Walker dropped his gloves and punched a clearly defenseless Ward in the face
- Ward will almost certainly miss time with severe facial injuries

Seems pretty open and shut, huh? Since a one-game suspension is automatic in this circumstance, Colin Campbell didn't even need to make a judgement call in order to put an end to this situation.

But inexplicably, almost surreally, Campbell actually chose to overrule the automatic suspension and levy a trivial fine against Walker. This to the delight of coach Maurice and GM Rutherford, who joked snarkily with the media about the cheapshot.

It's such a bizarre, over-the-top-inexcusable ruling that all we can do is shake our heads and move on. The three questions that arise now:

1) Will Johnny Boychuk be anywhere near an adequate substitution for Ward against the intense Carolina forecheck?
2) Will Game 6 be marred by retaliation from both sides?
3) If Boston gets behind and a Bruin sucker-punches Eric Staal, putting him out for the Conference Finals, will Campbell have the balls to be consistent and also waive any serious discipline for that situation as well?

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The Bastahd said...

"Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity."
- Snatch

FooF said...

The NHL and Campbell are a joke. Compare what Lucic did and what Walker did and Lucic gets the suspension?

Seriously I don't get it as well as them reversing of the 1 game automatic suspension for instigating within the final 5 mins of a game. I guess they change the rules as they see fit at any given time.

As for punching Staal in the face you know if Lucic goes up and does that he gets 1 game minimum and if he breaks his face he gets at least 6.

What sucks is unless the Bruins are either up by 4 goals tonight or down by 4 goals we won't see retribution. Most likely it will happen next year much like the Lucic - Homosarek beat down that we had to wait for.

I just want to see Walker, Jokinen, Rutuu and Staal eat some boards.

Go B's!!

Tom said...

As for punching Staal in the face you know if Lucic goes up and does that he gets 1 game minimum and if he breaks his face he gets at least 6. On a similar note, you just know that if Walker had punched Crosby or Ovechkin in the same manner, we wouldn't see him again for 15 games.

Even a Hurricanes fan couldn't deny that.