Thursday, May 7, 2009

HCTB goes into the eye of the Hurricane...

I'll be travelling to Raleigh tomorrow, with seats in the cheapies to see if Boston can muster a bit better effort than we saw last night.

This is my second time visiting the RBC Center, the first time being in their series against Montreal some years ago. The hype is true, you can't hear yourself screaming when the crowd gets excited in there.

I'll report back with musings and observations on the gameday experience in Caniac-land.

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Anonymous said...

Is it the number of people the arena holds? They can fill well over 20,000 right?

Anonymous said...

How much are cheapies in Raleigh? Here in Toronto we are used to the cheapies being $100.

Tom said...

Anon 1: The RBC Center holds just under 19k, and doesn't seem to be designed in any special way to increase the noise. It's just old-fashioned team spirit.

Anon 2: The cheapest seats in the house begin at $50, or about $58 Canadian. But bear in mind that the dollar goes a bit farther in the South, so it's more like $70 each when you account for the regional economy. Not quite Toronto prices, but enough to make you think twice before buying a lot of them.