Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kryptonite for the Bruins: the middle period

Two games in a row, we've seen the Carolina Hurricanes pull the same trick: turn it on in the second period, score a couple of goals to take the lead, and cruise to victory.

I had a hunch that this pattern has been pretty consistent throughout the year. Whenever the Bruins lose, it usually seems to be the result of a mid-game letdown after a strong start. So I did a little research... lo and behold, the second period is an extremely strong predictor of the Bruins' fortunes. They have rallied to win only 4 games in which they lost the second period -- 4 of 58 total wins! On the other hand, of the 43 games in which they won the second period they have only gone on to lose twice. And perhaps most remarkably, they have a dead-even record of 6-7-6 in the second period in games which (you guessed it) ended up tied after regulation.

Here's the full breakdown:

In regulation wins
Won the 2nd: 35
Lost the 2nd: 4
Tied the 2nd: 12

In regulation losses
Won the 2nd: 2
Lost the 2nd: 10
Tied the 2nd: 7

In regulation ties
Won the 2nd: 6
Lost the 2nd: 7
Tied the 2nd: 6

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