Thursday, September 4, 2008

YouTube: Best of the Bruins

The month of September is a peculiar time for hockey fans. On one hand, it signals the end of a long, hot, hockeyless summer. On the other hand, we experience only shades of the game during this month. Summer practices, training camp, and a few lousy exhibition games pacify us through the final agonizing month of the offseason. The longest month of the year, no doubt.

So circle October 9th on your calendar and while away your September with these nuggets of YouTube awesomeness. I scoured through a bunch of Bruins clips, most of which feature Milan Lucic beating the shit out of somebody, to find the best Bruins videos on the web. Enjoy.

#5 -- Bruins locker room after they win the Cup, 10 May 1970

Imagine being in the room 15 minutes after the most famous goal in hockey history. If you don't feel like waiting through the entire nine minutes, hit the highlights: a delirious Eddie Johnston at 0:45, Wayne Cashman looking reminiscent of Reggie Dunlop at 3:30, Bobby Orr looking (and sounding) reminiscent of Peter Parker at 4:20, a brilliant interview with Phil Esposito at 6:45, and Don Earle getting champagne dumped on his head (3:15) and poured in his mouth (8:05).

#4 -- Bruins vs. Canadiens

Lovely tribute to hockey's greatest rivalry, with a sweet-looking logo montage at the beginning. So stirring, it might inspire you to punch someone from Montreal.

#3 -- Bobby Orr

It's hard to imagine a Carly Simon song fitting nicely into a hockey video, but this somehow pulls it off. Maybe it's the fuzzy 1970s footage. In any case, this is about as high-quality as an amateur video montage can be -- and is the most popular Bruins clip on YouTube with over 200,000 views and 2,100 comments. Each highlight played at three-quarters speed allows you to really appreciate the otherworldly talent that #4 brought to the game. Don't like the song? Turn down the volume and enjoy every one-handed shot, seamless pivot, and wicked slapper.

#2 -- Bruins Pregame Intro

Nothing fancy -- just a simple recording of the pregame video at the Garden, as seen from a corner seat in the rafters. But you can sense the nervousness and anticipation in the crowd, and before you know it you're transported to the feeling of 5 minutes before faceoff at an April home game.

#1 -- Welcome to the Show

Is it the best video in the batch? Maybe not. But it gets me freaking psyched for the season.

First exhibition game -- September 22nd vs. the Habs.

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The Bastahd said...

Thanks for the clips man... #3 was just amazing. I never had seen the many clips of him making saves when the goalie was out of position or just not there... some of those were absolutely amazing. As for #1, you were right on... not the best video but still gets me psyched for the season. Absolutely cannot wait to go to the home opener in 45 days...

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,

I run a Penguins blog over at and I was hoping to get your input on the Bruins for the upcoming season. When you get a chance just shoot me an e-mail over at Pensburgh [at] gmail [dot] com.

Hope to hear from ya soon.


Tom said...


What struck me was how often he made one-handed plays. It's one thing for current players, with their elastic sticks... but Orr was using an old tree branch and still getting good action on a one-handed shot. Damn impressive.