Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rask Leaves Camp Disappointed (that the Bruins aren't being sold)

Quick updates today, as we draw ever-closer to games that count:

- Sadly, Jeremy Jacobs is not interested in selling the Bruins. So much for my proposal that the Federal Government bail out Jacobs by purchasing the team and selling it to someone who gives a rat's ass.

- Four more players were sent back to Providence: Tuukka Rask, Matt Lashoff, Jeff Penner and Martin St. Pierre. Rask and Lashoff will be on the short-list for a callup to the NHL, and Penner might see a little ice time later this season. St. Pierre is an AHL lifer.

- Gabe and John at the Jumbotron put together a player-by-player preview for MYFO that will make you far more intimate with the Bruins' roster than you really would've wanted.

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MF37 said...

As a Leaf fan, I'd love to know how Rask fared in camp. Was he competitive? Is he the victim of a numbers game?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and the blogroll add, Tom. We're just getting our feet wet, so we're all giddy that someone's mentioned our name during our first month blogging. Looking forward to sharing Bruins stories all season with you.


@mf37: Rask was, by far, the most impressive goalie in camp by all accounts. With Fernandez and Thomas already on the roster, the Bruins simply don't have the space or the cap room to keep him in Boston. However, since both Fernandez and Thomas are in the last year of their contracts, Rask's name is written in permanent marker as Boston's No. 1 goalie next year. You'll see him a few times this year, though.

Tom said...

Great to have more Bruins bloggers on board!

mf, this is what the Bear Cave had to say about Rask's performance:

"Based on performances in the games, Tuukka Rask was the best goaltender at camp. The 21-year old picked up a win and an overtime loss in two contests, but allowed just three goals on 63 shots in the process. Tim Thomas and Manny Fernandez were under contract for two seasons when he was first signed, so the original plan was to give Rask two full seasons to develop at the AHL level. Now that Rask is in Providence, Thomas and Fernandez will be the tandem in Boston."